What to expect in an ultrasound examination

The ultrasound examination will be performed by a sonographer. You will be shown into the ultrasound room and asked to either lie down on an examination bed or sit on a chair. The sonographer will explain the procedure being performed.

For some scans you will be asked to change into a gown. A warmed clear gel is then placed on your skin on the area being scanned. The sonographer will perform the examination by running the probe over your skin. There should be no discomfort during the examination apart from a little pressure.

For specialised venous studies a Venopulse machine may be used to consistently augment flow by applying short compressions to the foot or calf. This has been shown to be far more accurate in evaluating venous disease than squeezing the calf by hand and is just one of the reasons our scans at Vascular Solutions are of such high standard.

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