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Management of Peripheral Vascular Disease

“State of the Art” Open, Endovascular and Hybrid Treatment Options for the Management of Peripheral Vascular Disease

Vascular surgery continues to make great advances with the development of hybrid techniques, where both open and endovascular techniques are used in a single operation for the benefit of patients.

The ability to provide either open, endovascular or hybrid treatment, determined by a patient’s specific pathology, anatomy and expected outcomes, for the management of peripheral vascular disease, can only be offered by Fellowship accredited Vascular Surgeons (FRACS Vascular).

Renowned for his gentle nature, willingness to take the time to listen to patients and clearly explain their condition and proposed plans for diagnosis and treatment, Dr Bray is pleased to be able to provide patients with access to all modalities of treatment, including these ‘state of the art’ techniques for both arterial and venous pathologies.

As an established member of the ANZSVS, Dr Bray actively participates in ongoing national practice audits, regular reviews and assessments to ensure patients are receiving treatment of the highest quality. These audits are outcome measured, peer reviewed, and benchmarked nationally.

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Management of Varicose Veins

Treatment Options: Open Surgical, Endovenous and Sclerotherapy

In addition to conventional open surgical treatment, Vascular Solutions provides endovenous treatments including endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) and sclerotherapy for varicose veins.

Patients and referrers can be confident that the most appropriate treatment options will be offered, as although endovenous treatments may be suitable for many, there are patients whose pathology dictates open surgical treatment of varicose veins to achieve durable results.

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Specialist Vascular Ultrasound

Established to ensure that the vascular diagnostic imaging for his patients met with Peter’s exacting standards, Vascular Solutions Ultrasound is a fully accredited vascular ultrasound practice that provides excellence in diagnostic imaging.

Led by Mr James Maunder (B.Sc. DMU) and staffed by specialist trained vascular sonographers who undergo regular education and feedback, our team provides in depth non-invasive and detailed analysis of vascular pathology to ensure accurate diagnosis of disease and surveillance which is critical in providing robust endovascular outcomes and audit.

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