Preparing for your ultrasound examination

Most vascular ultrasound examinations do not require you to prepare for the examination. However, if you are having one of the ultrasound examinations listed below, please follow the preparation instructions for the scan you are having. Your appointment letter will advise the type of scan(s) that are scheduled for you.

Abdominal and Renal/Visceral Ultrasounds:

If you are having an abdominal or renal ultrasound, please avoid chewing gum, fizzy drinks or sucking lollies for 24 hours prior to your ultrasound to avoid excess production of gas in the bowel, as this obscures the view of your abdominal vessels.

On the day of your scan, please fast for 4 hours prior to your ultrasound examination. You may drink water during this time. If your ultrasound appointment is in the morning, you may have a light early breakfast of tea and toast.

Exercise Studies:

No prior preparation is required. However, we recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for walking. If you feel uncomfortable walking on the treadmill please advise our sonographers who have other means of testing your level of function.

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